When we talk about finding a mattress with flexibility, futon bed is the answer. It is a type of mattress that can be converted from sofa to bed. So convenient, right? You can use it every time you want to relax or watch your favorite movie. And, you can also turn it into night bed.

essential matters when buying a futon

How comfortable is it to sleep in a futon bed?

Some people say that it might not be good to sleep on a futon bed. Well, there are factors that may affect the comfortability of sleeping on it. However, it also depends on how good the futon bed is.

These are the factors that prove futon beds are the great option for you.

The Construction

The comfort that you want to experience with your futon depends on how you sleep and its construction. There are individuals who sleep on their back, so they should get the thinner futon. Some sleep on their side, thus thicker ones are better for them.

Nowadays, futons are created from different materials. It can either be made from cotton, foam or polyester. So, you have options to choose whichever fits your needs.


The quality of the futon definitely affects the comfort that you are looking for. There are futons that are made for inexpensive furniture or for cheap bed frames, thus, it is essential to choose those that have excellent quality.


Buying a sofa and a mattress could be a bit expensive, and at the same time, it uses bigger space. Would it be more convenient to get both without buying the two separately? It would, and futon bed is known for its versatility.

You can turn it to bed or sofa whenever you want to. This means that you will not only save money but you will also have more space for other important stuff.


There are people who have difficulty in sleeping when using the traditional mattress. So they use a futon because it is capable of giving them the kind of sleeping bed health experts advice.

Moreover, there are futons that do not contain any harmful chemical. Thus, it provides a healthy environment.

Do you want to feel more comfortable?

If you want to experience coziness like the one on a luxury hotel, you may need to add extra stuff to your futon bed. It can be a featherbed, mattress topper, air mattress or a layer of comforters. This stuff would add more comfort to you when you sleep.

You also need to consider some essential matters when buying a futon. You should pick a color or print that makes you more relaxed when seeing it. You can also choose from its different styles, so get the one that suits your style. Moreover, the mattress should also fit the bed frame.

good to sleep on a futon bed

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Are Futon Beds Cool for Sleeping?